Our Services



NetworkED™ provides comprehensive client solutions in the areas of higher education, community partnerships, grants management, and program management. We incorporate data-informed decision making and proven best practices as critical elements of our work. We can support your organization in several ways:



Create Transformational Experiences for Students

The NetworkED team has over 30 years of experience developing and implementing high impact initiatives for Student Affairs divisions. Such programs are often considered the building blocks of student success and a cornerstone to the academic aspirations of students on college campuses. We use an interactive four-point strategy to yield optimal results for your organization. 

We are committed to providing your team with a competitive advantage using a current state assessment, a needs analysis and programming coaching. Threaded within our framework are dimensions of professional development and leadership training. 



Work as a thought partner with multidisciplinary groups that share mutually beneficial agendas

In today’s environment, time is of the essence and there is often little of it. In some instances, funding is even more scarce. Your organization and its leadership may be forced to balance competing priorities with a desire to provide the best possible service in every area to your customers.

Using a collaborative win-win strategy, NetworkED will leverage its expertise to identify and build sustainable partnerships that move your agenda forward, allowing you to focus on the priorities that demand your full attention within your organization and network (pun intended).


Establish public/private partnerships to achieve shared goals. 



 Collaboration with various sectors or funders is often mission critical to achieving organizational success. Reaching desired goals shared by all entities can be challenging and requires a specific skill set and the talent to navigate various circumstances. 

The NetworkED™ team has proven experience working with diverse partners at the local and national level. Let us assist you with identifying the appropriate thought partners, negotiating the terms of your partnerships or representing you on projects as they move from concept to reality.